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#CubaOrBu$t Part 3

Posted On:05.31.2018

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I’m sitting here on the back porch with a beautiful evening breeze gently blowing through the windows, listening to lawn mowers and birds in the mix singing their goodnight songs to newly hatched chicks.

It’s a good day.

Here’s a documentary update:

Over the weekend our shoot in NYC went well. We had some pretty good weather on Saturday and got lots done. From busking on the Highline to singing off rooftops with an interview to boot. All in all very productive and fun.

I am looking forward to the next adventure with my team of documentarians to capture more insights into where this whole film is going. The general idea is there, of course…


which way is that?

Yeah, I know…

south of Miami: As the crow flies or as the cow flops. lol

Plans for trips here in the US are being formulated first. I’d like to interview my parents’ siblings / in-laws in Maryland and Miami to get a better picture of who my parents were and what their lives were like in Cuba prior to coming to the States as seen through my family’s eyes. I’m sure I only know a small percentage of the story as I regret never delving too deeply into asking questions while my parents were still alive. I understand that Cuba is quite a different country than it was when they grew up, yet incredibly frozen in time.

Just like a good story…