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#CubaOrBu$t Part 4

Posted On:07.02.2018

Hello Happy Cuba Doc Followers!

It’s nice to have a moment to breathe after spending every second of the last week working on our first proposal for a grant to help sponsor the Cuba documentary. It was a monumental task as neither director Joan nor I have ever submitted a grant proposal before. As we both know nothing is impossible, we went head-long into the process and managed to deliver it 15 minutes before the applications closed. What a sigh of relief!
We then proceeded to go out and celebrate…
A huge “Thank You!” to everyone who has helped us up to this point and a very “Special Thank You!” to those who helped us get our project in under the gun. We could not have done it without you!
Now to look for more grant submission opportunities.

Which way do we go?
The interesting part of doing a documentary is that sometimes the story unfolds as you go. During the month of June we did some more filming here in Westbrook, Ct.
A couple of important topics came up in this most recent interview which has focused the direction of the film towards certain dark aspects of a difficult childhood and private family’s struggles. It is a very moving and compelling part of the story which needs to be told and truly is the basis for the entire narrative. Due to this development, we are actively searching for a new film title that encompasses what we are encapsulating in a full length film. Sorry to leave you hanging folks, but at this point I will say no more as we are a long way from the film’s release.

There is also BIG NEWS to announce…
As I am in the process of writing songs specifically for this documentary, so I have put together a quartet which will be performing several concerts to support the film. These intimate shows will be filmed and segments will be used in the documentary. The first date is November 9, 2018 at the Buttonwood Tree in Middletown, CT. It’s a perfect time to pen this on your calendar because you won’t want to miss this event! Details to come soon for tickets as well as more concert dates. If you want to be a part of “her”story, here’s your chance!

Travel, Travel, Travel!
Next up is a trip to Miami in early August where I will be interviewing my aunt and perhaps a couple of Cuban born cousins. As I haven’t visited them in about 6-7 years, there is so much to discuss. In hopes to get questions answered about my parents in Cuba and their early life in the USA, this is also a wonderful way to reconnect and catch up on the last bunch of years. They’re very loving people and I am very proud to be a part of this loving family.

Ok gang, that’s it for now. Please be on the look out for the next installment of #CubaOrBu$t!

Colorful Classics in Cuba

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