#CubaOrBu$t Part 6 – ArleneWow!

#CubaOrBu$t Part 6

Posted On:08.17.2018

Miami: Aug 2-6, 2018

Here’s a brief summary of my trip to Miami FLA to work on the documentary. Director Joan and I had an enjoyable 5 day whirlwind trip that has brought us one step further in this journey of decathlon proportions. We had the honor of working with film maker Pedro Blanco Uribe www.tangerinefilmstv.com introduced to us by Joan’s brother, John Duquette of www.Yabla.com (cool language learning website for individuals and educators…check it out).

We had a very productive shoot which encompassed filming at my parents’ burial sites and a beautiful interview with my aunt Tia Amelia who is an absolutely gorgeous 88 year old who I have always looked up to. What a treat to spend time with her as well as Amelia’s daughter Mayra, cousin Eddy and his wife Elisia.
At the end of the interviews, I sang a few ArleneWow! tunes, leaving everyone with a new perspective of their family member who had never played “live” for them.

As I said before, the trip was lightning fast, but we did have a chance to “beach it” one afternoon, eat cuban food, drink cafe con leche every morning (the director’s favorite beverage) and drive up and down Collins Ave along Miami Beach. All in all a very insightful, moving and happy adventure…

Next travel stop, Maryland/ West Virginia to interview my Uncle Luis and Aunt Esperanza!

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