Great News! April 26, 2018 – ArleneWow!

Great News! April 26, 2018

Posted On:04.19.2018

Hi Everyone!

It’s been a while since I sat down and collected my thoughts to give you a run down of all the exciting events coming up for me in ArleneWow!-land! My mission (if I dare to accept it) is to write a weekly blog to inform everybody about what I’m doing creatively as a singer-songwriter/musician.

First of all, I have been nominated for Ct State Troubadour. The position brings prestige to songwriters by being featured at many local high exposure events and allows opportunities to represent the state as a seasoned musician. It is a two year commitment. To be considered, I needed to be nominated and write new material. The nomination came easily enough as many of my dear friends wrote beautiful letters. I would like to personally thank everyone who nominated me because without you, I wouldn’t be in the running.
Three songs also needed to be submitted with one song being about Connecticut. I recorded three new tracks including Made In New Haven, a personal song about my mother and father who immigrated to the US (specifically CT) in 1955. It makes me happy to be able to make this opportunity a journey for myself as well as my family. Also, the songs I submitted are the beginning of an upcoming release. I will keep you in the loop as I write and record more music for a new album. The decision for CT State Troubadour will be made early May, so please keep you fingers crossed!

Good news abounds as I have also been selected to audition for the NY UnderGround Music Series! This is an opportunity to perform along subway lines deep under the NYC sidewalks. It is quite the place to meet and perform for thousands of people each day. My audition is on Tuesday May 15, so I will be sure to update you on the outcome.

If you’ve read my previous blogs from last year, I had been hot on the topic of going to Cuba and working on a documentary to chronicle the trip, writing music along the way. This was a chance to delve deeply into my roots to give me more clarity into who I am and get a glimpse of where my family came from. My cousin and I had done some research and were actively pursuing a crowd funding campaign. Unfortunately no monies were made and the cinematographer I wanted to work with wasn’t available, so the project got put on the back burner.
Here’s the good news, the Cuba adventure is now back on track. Thanks to support from my partner Joan along with awesome family and friends, the project is standing on fresh legs. Joan and I will begin filming and interviews early next month and I can only say that this time it’s definitely a go!
More information to come on this exciting endeavor.

As always, I am performing at local restaurants and bars so please check out this website for a wonderful night out!

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Till next week!

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